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Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is made from the stinging nettle's leaves. The stinging nettle is considered by many people as a weed, but more and more, the plant proves itself worldwide as a remedy. The nettle leaves contain flavonoids that have an extreme health benefits, as well as vitamin A and C and tannins. You can find more information about the ingredients here: Nettle Tea Ingredients

Nettle Tea Preparation

For the nettle tea only the young leaves should be used because the larger, older leaves are bitter. For the preparation of tea, the leaves are dried and then doused with hot water. The amount of tea leaves and water vary depending on the application. So does the brewing time, it is also different for each application. More here: Nettle Tea Preperation

Nettle Tea Effect

The nettle tea acts as a stimulant and raises your spirit. Due to its high iron content, you become active again and you feel fit and rested. To drink a cup of nettle tea every morning before breakfast and two cups more over the course of the morning.

Against Acne the tea works wonderful and it is said that it works against urinary tract infections. No matter if hay fever, headaches, colds, or eczema, the nettle tea has a wide field of application as medicine.

Nettle tea is also popular as support in a diet. The tea has been said to have detoxifying and diuretic effects. These two properties desired when fasting and reinforced by the tea. Nettle tea is stimulating digestion, which positively supports a diet. More information can be found here: Nettle Tea to Slim

Nettle tea uses

But not only as medicine, the nettle tea can affirm it's position. In the plant world, the decoction of tea is very well received. It fightst aphids naturally without chemicals. To make the decoction, boil 1 liter of water and pour into three tablespoons of tea. Leave the tee to steep for 24 hours, then you can carefully sieve the pot liquor out. Using a spray bottle, you can now treat the infested plants. You will be delighted to see on the next day that your plants are now free of aphids.

Tip: Whether to humans, animals or plants, the nettle tea should be in every medicine cabinet. Through its broad range of applications, you will always find an opportunity to drink nettle tea. You should not overdo it though, because due to its diuretic effect it can quickly bring the body's water balance out of whack.

For humans, the tea has no taste, it is advisable to add a few drops of lemon juice in the tea, thus improving the taste. You can also get it as a herbal tea blend, naturally the effect of stinging nettle is the same for each variation.